Saturday, February 28, 2009

Delayed...Meal of the Month: January

I know. I'm totally behind. I'm sure you've all experienced many sleepless nights waiting for my Jan meal of the month.Well, without a doubt, it's really got to be one of my many amazing meals during my vacation in Hong Kong.

Not to say I haven't had amazing meals since I returned. But between being on a tight budget (as well as detox!), overall, my Jan meals were on the simpler side.But back in Hong Kong? Full on vacation meal. We tried everything. We planned meals in advance, always saved a little bit of room at the end of the meal just in case we stumbled upon something else we wanted to try, and we ALWAYS saved room for dessert.

Photos from one of the best meals we had! We went to dinner at a fraternal association, and could only get in because a friend was a member. It was delicious! And we tasted delicacies from the Shun Tak region in China. Food that I don't regularly eat, but it was wonderful to try!

Here are some other random snap shots of some of the delicious things we ate along the way...

Almond cookies in Macau, made with pork fat!

The MOST delicious and sweet shrimp from lunch at Crystal Jade La Miam Xiao Long Bao

Crab jook!

Delicious tomato broth with ramen

The goodies for hot pot night!

Roasted crab at the street stand on Temple Street

Variety of jerky (made from all sorts of cuts of meats)

Everything we ate was incredible. Again, how was I suppose to choose just one meal? I think that's probably part of the reason I've been putting this off. It was too hard. Well, I finally decided. My January Meal of the Month would probably have to be the meal we had the last night in Hong Kong.

We stumbled into Tai Woo restaurant, on the Kowloon side, on Hillwood Road. We had walked by it a few times, and thought it looked good, and would be a good place to check out!

My dad, sister, uncle and I started off the meal with some delicious soup, and quickly moved onto some steamed shrimp, pea sprouts, roasted squab, roasted goose, a delicious fried meat patty with salted fish...each and every dish was better than the last.

Our spread!

As we walked out, stuffed and full, and on our way to the Peninsula Hotel for after drinks at the Felix Bar on the top two floors of the Peninsula, I noticed that there was a Michelin Guide sign on the front door of the restaurant. I didn't even notice it when we had walked in. The first ever Hong Kong/Macau Michelin guide had just been released in early 2009, and I even picked up my copy while in Hong Kong! Turns out, the restaurant we were just at has another location in Causeway Bay (on the Hong Kong Island side), and that one had been rated in the guide. No star mind you, but included in the book nonetheless.

As I'm sitting here salivating and thinking about this and all of the meals we had while in Hong Kong...I've changed my mind. There is no way there can be one meal of the month for January. There were multiple Meals of the Month...every meal in Hong Kong was worthy.

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  1. Almond cookies with pork fat! Sounds like a Chris Cosentino dessert. ;)
    Seriously, I do have an almond cookie recipe that uses lard. But I'm not that brave, and so use shortening instead.