Thursday, February 12, 2009

Being a Gimp and Home Bound

A few days ago, I hurt my foot. I was walking down the street, across the street from my office, taking a quick walk/lunch break (it was 3:30), and as I was walking, I almost fell. I did one of those graceful moves, where you're able to stop yourself from falling.

I thought to myself, "Good thing I didn't fall! How embarrassing would that have been?!" (Friends, I am that clumsy, I've actually fallen down while walking.) In any case, it took just one step for me to realize. While I hadn't actually fallen, I had done something to my ankle/foot. And it hurt badly. I could barely walk on it.

My first thought was that I had broken my ankle. The same ankle I had injured almost 10 years ago. It turns out, I badly tore a ligament in my foot. But because it was my foot and not ankle, there was nothing they could do. No cast, no wrap. I didn't even get/need crutches, since in theory, when I walked, I was able to put weight on the back part of my foot. That was the good news.

The bad news? I was suppose to stay off it, keep it elevated and iced. For at least the first few days, preferably the first week or so. Friends. I walk. A lot. I don't have a car, and even with public transportation, you're never dropped off door to door. It's part of living in the city.

And umm, my apartment. Second floor. No elevator. The stairs proved to be pretty difficult to get up (and down). And once I got home, I knew I wasn't going anywhere for a few days. Those first few days of being stuck at home were painful in more than one way. Not only did my foot hurt, but I was bored. Sure, I was working, had my emails, conference calls, etc. But I missed the social interactions.

Aside from that? I had to eat! And I had to work with what I had in the house. I made oatmeal and smooshed in my almost black banana (that I'd been needing to use) for breakfast the first day. And enjoyed it with a cup of tea. It was so nice to be having tea in my own mug (from my friend Melissa many years ago after she returned on a trip from India) rather than tea at work in those generic white mugs.

Lunch was a tad more challenging. I decided to make some simple, plain, jook (or rice porridge). The trick with rice porridge is giving it enough time to cook and having your eye on it. I figured, hey, I was going back and forth to my kitchen for ice packs anyways, why not start a pot of jook and give it a stir each time I was in there?

How did lunch turn out? One of my prouder moments. I took a handful of whole wheat spaghetti noodles and made a home made version of chow mein. I used some dried shitake mushrooms I had, and remembered that I also had a few frozen shrimp in my freezer (leftover from the last pad thai dish!) But I was wanting some veggies and something green in it. Some bean sprouts or bok choy or something. So I went back to the freezer and remembered some frozen edamame! A quick steam, and then I popped 'em out of the shells and tossed 'em in! A litle black bean sauce and we were all good! Yum!

Left overs for lunch the next day worked out fine. I even popped a bag of popcorn for an afternoon snack. Perfect.

Thanks to my sis for my dinner the next night, and to my other good friends for offering to bring me groceries and other necessities. There are times when this really isn't a city for a clumsy gal like me. You gotta have your good friends to count on when you're home bound.

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