Monday, February 16, 2009

Cooking Alone

Do you prefer to cook alone or with someone? This recent article on Yum Sugar asked this very question and made me think.

Do you like the help? The extra set of hands? The second palate to taste? The camaraderie?

Or do you prefer to cook alone? Not have anyone in your space. To be able to do what you want. To cut and prep the way you like it?

Me? It depends. On what I'm making. And on who that other person is. My preference? If I'm cooking with someone else in my kitchen, ideally I'd be able to learn from them. Or that they are someone that was ok with doing things my way.

My real preference? Either is ok. And I am willing to share my kitchen, don't get me wrong! But most importantly is that there are people there to eat the food and to enjoy the experience with me.


  1. I agree... the fun is at the end when you can enjoy your meal with friends and family. But being the control freak I am around the kitchen, I find it much more satisfying to be cooking myself. Unless of course it involved the women in my family who share the same attention to detail... my sister in particular.

    But, I would love to spend a day or two or three in the kitchen with you!

  2. i love having people in the kitchen, sitting having wine and nibbles at the table while i cook.

  3. guys are both right. It is because I'm a control freak. I can't help it!

    But Sherry, you're welcome in my kitchen any time! And a great point about having friends sitting around drinking and nibbling while I cook. That's always welcome too. :)

  4. Come over anytime you want to try cooking with a 3 year old. The ultimate in kitchen "help". Tonight she sliced about 10 mushrooms for me and ate about 5. Seems about right ;)

    Hope you are well.