Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recession Staples

There's rice (my personal favorite!), pasta, potatoes...starches that are the staple of a recession home kitchen. But what about ramen?

This piece on Slashfood made me think--how do you dress up your 'recession staple'? Cheese? Canned or frozen veggies? What else? And which is your favorite?

Me personally? I prefer rice. With simple Chinese staples. Inexpensive staples. Chinese sausage. Pork floss. Salty duck egg. Yum.

But on ramen? I'm all about simple. A fried egg. Nothing else. My friends Tim and Wendy are my ramen experts. I'm still waiting to go check out 'the best' ramen place in the Bay Area. Hopefully we can go soon...while it's still 'ramen season'--wet, cold, and rainy outside!

What do you like to do to dress up your recession staples?


  1. I tried to make soup this week -- sort of a riff on Albondigas soup. I started with a lovely homemade chicken stock, and it went direclty downhill from there after adding a can of tomatoes, vegetarian meatless meatballs (which immediately disolved) and spaghetti. In the end, we called it glop, and topped off the glop with hot sauce and a squeeze of lime. My boyfriend said it was the best comfort food ever, and he would be happy eating it under a bridge, warmed by a sterno flame any day of the week. I love him.