Monday, February 23, 2009

A Monday Lunch Treat

One of the greatest treats? A 3 day weekend. Especially a Monday with relatively good weather after a rainy winter weekend. By the time Monday rolls around, you’re ready for it to stop raining, and you’re still not ready to go back to work!

How did I celebrate my President’s Day? Lunch with some good friends. We found the perfect spot for a cold winter day. Magnolia Brewery and Pub. Comfort food. Beers. Good friends. The perfect Monday!

We started off with a round of beers and Berkshire pork cracklings and Little Smokies (andouille sausage with BBQ sauce) to start us off while we caught up and decided on what to eat. At the table, we settled on a charcuterie plate, roasted beet salad, a pulled pork sandwich and a fried fish sandwich. All of it was SO delicious. And perfect winter comfort food for a special Monday lunch.

The best part? The special bourbon beer. YUM!

Such a nice treat to be able to spend a few hours on a day off with friends enjoying good food and good beer!

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