Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Kumquats!

So, apparently I’m not the only thinking about kumquats right now! The ideas in a recent Slashfood article sound delicious. I really do need to get my hands on some kumquats of my own and I’ve got to get cooking!

But until then, I’ll just have to get my kumquat fix elsewhere.

I recently had a lemon thyme panna cotta with candied kumquat dessert at Incanto restaurant in Noe Valley. I’ve gotta tell you, it was AMAZING!

I dug right into it, and about half way through the dessert, I realized. I hadn’t taken a photo. (Bad blogger!) I ended up snapping one, but we were already about half way through the dessert.

It didn’t do it justice. I’m not even going to post it. BUT. If anyone out there reading has a photo of that awesome Incanto panna cotta dessert (with a HUGE focus of it being the kumquats of course), please let me know. I'll gladly post it!

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