Saturday, February 14, 2009

The New Crush

I've recently noticed something. Crushes have changed. Sure, there's still that person you work with, or friend or even person you have a brief interaction with that you may become smitten with. But there are new crushes too.

There are bromances and girl crushes. People have embraced the notion of these crushes, relationships, and friendships. I know I've got girl crushes, and have many guy friends that are hot and heavy in a bromance. I even have "couple crushes", couples I that I just adore and have a crush on. Not necessarily as individuals, but as a unit.

But what else? Technology. Technology has given us so much more insight into who a person is. We are able to learn so much more about friends and people in our lives through outlets like Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs.

I first started really consciously thinking about this when I was reading David Leobovitz's Facebook 25. In it he mentions a blogger that he has a crush on. And it got me thinking. I have crushes on bloggers. Bloggers I've never met.

I've also found new respect and admiration for other friends through their Facebook pages or blogs based on what they're saying, what they're posting, where they choose to eat and drink (obviously for me that's a big deal!), what music they listen to or even the trips they choose to take.

The friend that's a much more adventurous eater than I ever thought? Love it. The friend that took a trip alone to Costa Rica? Awesome. The friend that's crazed about a band and following it on tour. Talk about passion! The friend that spends time hanging out with dad? Infinite respect from me. The friend that is a dancer on the side? Who knew? I collect these little tidbits, and continue to love these people even more.

In some ways, aren't these outlets taking Internet dating to a whole new level? Where else can you learn such intimate details about someone? Even down to what they're doing at a specific moment in time?

Do you have any of these 'new crushes'? Are there suddenly people that you feel closer to? Bloggers that have almost become like a friend?

I know I do. And I'm gonna keep reading and keep crushing. Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Yes yes J, crushes have evolved and I have many in different forms. People I know, people I know...who don't know me. The girls at Aveda where I buy my lotion and shaving products. Great post!