Monday, February 2, 2009

Local Hero

Me. Yes. I’m a local hero. Why you might ask? Because that downstairs neighbor of mine? I told her off. Loudly. And well, turns out, the walls in this building are thin. And people heard. And well. They all hate her too! So you see. I am now, a local hero.

After a series of run-in’s with her, I was starting to get more and more mad. And when she came up to my apartment at 7 pm on a Monday night to ask me to be more quiet because she was going to sleep, I lost it. There had just been too many incidents with her. (If you really want to hear all the stories, let me know. I don’t want to bore everyone with details, but she really is nuts!)

Now, each time I see a neighbor in the building? They smile at me. They tell me they couldn’t help by hear my argument, and then launch into their own horror story involving her. They tell me “Good job!” And “It’s about time someone told her off!” Oh, and the one I get most often? “She’s crazy!”

So I guess it just depends on the situation. Everyone can be a hero.

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