Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Breakfast Anyone?

Yes! Apparently breakfast is the new dessert! And dinner!

After this piece ran in the New York Times, I started I enjoy breakfast for dessert?

Well, first, aside from ice cream, I'm not a huge sweets and dessert person. BUT, don't get me wrong. A little sweet treat at the end of a meal? That I can enjoy and appreciate! And I must say, I've been seeing breakfast on dessert menus more and more.

I've been thinking about creating a breakfast cereal ice cream for a little while now, and from that NYT article, looks like my favorite Sam Mason's already created a toast ice cream! Interesting! That'll be on my list to try the next time I'm in New York! And maybe an upcoming ice cream experiment!

THEN, Gourmet ran this piece! On breakfast for dinner! I have to admit, it all looked pretty good. Especially the Hash Brown Rice with Eggs. I mean come on. And umm, Egg, Potato and Prosciutto Pie? Yes! Yum yum. The cardamon sour cream waffles made me think of my friend Jonathan, he's a huge cardamon fan. And the hot peanut butter and banana sandwich would be a hit with my friend Vanessa.

I think in this economy, we all need some comfort in our food. And hey, breakfast is comforting. Enjoy!

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