Sunday, March 1, 2009

Even More Quats??

Yes. Even I'm getting a little tired of talking about kumquats. And I haven't even gotten any yet! But I can't help it! It seems that everywhere I turn, there they are! The Chronicle featured a story on kumquats (yes, it's like the tenth story I've read within the last few weeks!)

Yes. I've had the chance to eat them this season (thank you Incanto...), but I haven't bought any of my own yet. All I've been doing is TALKING about kumquats, not doing a damn thing about actually going and getting some, and cooking them on my own. But already, I might be getting tired of them. Sigh.

This happens a lot. Every year, I find myself saying things like "If I have to eat one my Meyer lemon..." or "Gosh, I'm sick of heirloom tomatoes!" or "There are blood oranges everywhere, when will this end?"

I am one of those lucky Californians (or to my east coast friends, I'm one of those annoying Californians), with access to lots of fresh ingredients, and where 'food seasons' often go on for weeks and weeks. And yes, I take it for granted. When something is in season, it seems every where I look, everywhere I go, that ingredient is featured. As it should be. But as a consumer, near the end of the season, there are definitely days when I'm ready to move on.

Just like now. Already, I'm thinking about my summer fruits and veggies, and can't wait until I'm tired of stone fruits.


  1. I think the more you call them "quats" the faster you will get sick of them. Then again, "kumquats" is not the sexiest word either.

  2. We are so lucky for the abundance of fruit Jamie. Have to love Cali!

  3. Camper, you are too damn funny. Ok, no more abbreviating fruit names. :)

    Adam, we totally are lucky here!