Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Get By...

With a lot of help from my friends. This (and the next few posts) is a shout out to some of my dearest city friends.

Cities can be a hard place to live. From the challenges of public transportation, to simple things like getting groceries, little life things can just be difficult. (Especially when it's raining out-don't even get me started on that!) It's one of the only cons to all of the pros to living in such a gorgeous place. This last weekend, I had one of those city con weekends (ironically with the most perfect weather as the backdrop.) It was one thing after another.

It started Friday night. I met an old college friend and some friends from out of town for a drink after work. Aftera few drinks, I made a quick pit stop at home to drop off my work bag, laptop, etc. and promptly headed back out again. Off to a birthday party! And I was running late. In my rush, as I closed the door behind me, I realized something. I had left my keys on the table inside. I was locked out.

Now, I'm a lucky girl. My sister lives a few blocks from me, and of course has my keys. But I couldn't get a hold of her. So off to the birthday party I went, knowing that I'd have no way of getting back in afterwards. In the meantime, updated my Facebook status with news of the lock out.

Within moments, my phone was buzzing and ringing. Friends offering up a place to stay. It was great to feel so loved. And I knew I'd have places to go if I ever needed it. Thank you friends!! With you guys, I'll never be homeless!

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