Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two Christmas Feasts

Geez. How behind am I?? I'm writing (and thinking) about Christmas in March?? Well, I was looking through my old photos, and realized I never shared the feasts from Christmas! Now the holidays are always a time for seeing family and for eating!

This last year, we enjoyed a feast for Christmas Eve, with some family friends of ours. We're all a little food crazed, so it wasn't odd at all to stop everyone each time a new dish came out to take photos!

Christmas Eve Dinner 2008

(Click on the album to see all the photos and of course, the captions/descriptions of each dish!)
Then, for Christmas, we cooked at home! My dad's a rock star in the kitchen, and we roasted a gorgeous prime rib. It was soooo good. Reminiscent of the kind my mom use to make.

We also had eggplant, scallops, Chinese broccoli, baked potatoes...YUM! Our family and friends ate for hours, and enjoyed each and every bite. The wine was flowing, and we were all looking to be there with each other celebrating the holidays.

And what would the holidays be without dessert? As I mentioned in a past post, this holiday, I created a fresh mint, candy cane ice cream!

It was perfect over a little chocolate cake. By then, we were so stuffed, we really could not have eaten another bite!

I always love the holidays, and the chance to spend time with my family and loved ones. I consider myself pretty lucky, my family doesn't wait for the holidays, or even need a reason to celebrate to be together. We do it as often as we can.

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