Monday, March 30, 2009

I Get By...Part Two


I've heard people say that sometimes life can be even more lonely in a big city. And there are moments when I believe that. Times when for whatever reason, everyone you know is out of town, or already has plans, and you're left alone. It can be hard for a single city gal. Some of the best ways to enjoy this city are with other people.

I recently had a day like that. And while I am perfectly fine being alone or doing things alone (some times even preferring it!), this was not one of those days. In fact, it was a day where I was craving some social interaction. Of course you don't always have a choice, and it is what it is. You spend the day alone.

Out of the blue, my friend Sabine called me. To say hello, to check in, and to reach out to see what I was doing. She got me to stop working and to get out of the house. And to a glass of wine. She put a stop to the loneliness. And just like that, I was loving this great city again.

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