Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Cooking Personality

Hmm. I never thought about having a ‘cooking personality’. But I guess it makes sense. Everyone has their own style. When I read this from Food & Wine magazine's blog, it made me think—what’s my cooking personality?

I’m not sure I really fit perfectly into one of these categories. I think I’m a little like all of them! Well, maybe not a Methodical Cook. You know how I feel about recipes. They make good reading material, but I’m not really a recipe follower.

And Healthy Cook? Sure, I make some healthy foods, and I definitely use fresh produce. But am I all about it all the time? Not really.

Competitive. Yes. That’s me by nature. So sure, when I cook, I do get a little competitive. Even if it’s with myself and no one else. I want to make sure I’ve done the best job I could—and I want to be happy with the end result. (Don’t get me started on some of my ice cream failures, or a roast that’s been overcooked, or something that’s a little too salty…)

In terms of Innovative, I guess I try and be innovative—but nothing like what Ferran Adria’s doing. And even in my innovation, there’s simplicity. Probably not the best category for me.

If I had to pick one of these categories…I’d go with Giving Cooks. I do like to cook for other people, and ultimately, want food to be something that brings them pleasure. Right friends? Ahem. Feel free to chime in here.

Hmmm, sure doesn't seem like any one of these categories fits me perfectly. Maybe I’m most accurately categorized as the Schizophrenic Cook.

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