Friday, October 31, 2008

Meal of the Month: October

October snuck up on me. Seriously, the month flew by, and before I knew it, I had to pick my Meal of the Month already! Thinking back, it was another good month. Full of seasonal fall foods. I hit up many of my favorites again (yes, I was at Nopa and SQPR again. I wonder if there’s been a month this year when I didn’t go to one of those places??)

I also trekked out of the city and enjoyed meals in Davis (yes, we SPRINTED to Mustard Seed from the brand new Aggie Football Stadium) and Healdsburg (I’m a Barn Diva!!). Both treks out of the city were so great. As much as this San Franciscian loves this city, it's nice to get of it once in awhile.

I enjoyed home cooked meals—from the apple fall harvest dinner Wendy and I created, to the delicious dinner Chris and Tatiana prepared for us (thank you to whom ever gave Chris that pork shoulder!!).

I dined at SF favorites La Ciccia and Maverick, as well as a delicious dinner at Delfina- even Chef Craig Stoll came by to say hello! (Even this gal's cutting back on eating out! Tough times I tell you.)

How is there a meal that can beat all of that you ask? Simple. My October Meal of the Month was family meal at Postrio.

Ok. Stop laughing. Family meal you say? Yes. Family meal. Want to know why? Because not only did I help with the meal (a yummy salad if you must know!), but I personally knew everyone that contributed to the meal, and even though we all stood eating from our stations, and had to eat quickly (ok, so shoveling the food into our mouths is probably more accurate), there was something special about it.

It was my first night of working through dinner service. And so while I've contributed to family meals before, I've never stayed and worked the night.

Our meal (or at least what I grabbed from the Family Meal Buffet) included some of the salad I had made and a simple pasta. That was it. Seriously. I didn't grab some of the other items (and I don't even remember what they were now), I just wanted to have enough to get me through service. Not more. Not less.

My first family meal, a meal I will never forget, is my Meal of the Month.

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