Sunday, November 2, 2008

Current Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

I’ve had my ice cream maker for 7 months. My strategy when I first got the ice cream maker? I thought, this is my chance to make healthy and yummy ice cream and frozen yogurt. Strawberries were just coming into season. And I tried strawberry frozen yogurt. It was ok. Not great. Then, I was visiting my dad, and he had all these great lemons growing. And I thought, “I know! I’ll try lemon gelato!” Ok. But too icy.

I’ve written about this before on this blog. One of my first encounters is posted here. I finally hit my stride when I added the fat into it. I’ve really mastered fresh mint chip and peanut butter. And my bourbon raisin isn’t too bad—depends how much you like bourbon I guess. I haven't quite mastered the fruit ice creams. Need to spend more time on that. And while I want to master the basics, vanilla, chocolate, rocky road, etc., I’m more interested in making the special flavors. Decadent flavors. Flavors I love. Flavors you can't buy in your typical grocery store.

Up until now, I’d say that Peanut Butter or Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is probably the favorite. Even people that don’t love peanut butter love this flavor. It just works. It’s rich and creamy, and really delicious served with something or all alone.

But me personally? Fresh Mint Chip is really my favorite. None of that fake mint flavor. None of the artificial coloring. Just fresh mint flavor. It’s so good. I really think I could eat it all the time.

Well. That was until today. Now? Sorry to report, but there’s a new favorite! Crème Fraiche ice cream!!

Fall is here, and while I’ve been debating trying to make a pumpkin flavor, or maybe even gingerbread or chai flavor, I haven’t gotten to those yet. I couldn’t really get behind those flavors. Why? Because when I thought about fall, I found myself not thinking about ice cream, but about the desserts. Pumpkin pies, and gingerbread cake...bread pudding and apple pies. SO. Rather than doing an fall ice cream, I wondered, “What ice cream goes best with all of those flavors and can complement it?”

Blurry photo of a yummy homemade apple crisp and scope of creme fraiche ice cream!

Crème Fraiche! A little bit more sour and flavorful than just a plain vanilla. But not as sour as sour crème. So perfect. My first batch is pretty good—a basic recipe from Emily Luchetti’s ice cream cookbook (which has the best ice cream recipes!!)


  1. I have that same ice cream maker and love experimenting! Thanks for being a $5 Dinners fan! Look forward to exploring around here some more!

  2. I loved the creme fraiche ice cream!! could you please make a gingerbread ice cream for the holidays? Or how about egg nog (with the alcohol!). Oh oh, and green tea, lavendar vanilla, red velvet... this is one demanding ice cream fan.