Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Favorite Food Aromas

Scent, like taste and music, can take you back to a special time and place. And like taste, scent can sometimes be hard to recreate, which means, when you are able to recreate the scent, it means even more.

This recent post on Accidental Hedonist made me think about my favorite food aromas. What are some of yours? Here’s a random list of my favorite food aromas:

Fresh baked bread
Garlic and onions browning
Fresh cookies/brownies from the oven
Fresh dill
Roast beef cooking in the oven
Dad’s BBQ chicken on the grill
Watercress soup on stove
Fresh apple pie
My homemade chicken curry
A freshly cut lemon
Walking into a Chinese BBQ shop- with the roasted duck, char sui and soy sauce chicken smells all together
Chestnuts roasting (preferably from a street cart!)
Fresh mint
A Chinese apothecary--all the herbs mix to create a unique smell, I love it
A fresh pizza coming out of the oven
Crab--cooked with garlic and green onions, Chinese style

What are your favorites? And where do they take you back to?

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