Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weekends With Dad

When I go home to visit my Dad, it's one of the most relaxing ways for me to spend my time. I let myself sleep in...whether that means waking up at 8 am or 10 am, I just let it happen. There are rarely alarm clocks, and never pressure to get up. The best way to start my day there? A hot cup of coffee:

My dad's gotten good with the espresso machine. Coffee's perfect. Milk foamy. Perfect way to wake up.

We spend the days hanging out. Running errands. Seeing family friends. We'll watch some TV, or if the weather's nice, lounge outside in his backyard. We'll sit and read, talk, and drink good wine, sake, or cocktails. Sometimes I get a nap in too. (Ok, most of the time!)

By the time dinner time rolls around, we're completely relaxed. Sometimes we go out to eat, but if we're lucky, Dad will cook! He's really good in the kitchen, and I'm lucky to have picked up some tips and skills from him. When I was young, Mom did most of the cooking, but whenever Dad did, it was always something special. (I can still remember his yummy BBQ chicken on the grill in the backyard, and the simple 'cake' he'd steam.)

Nowadays, I crave Dad's creations more and more. And sometimes, even though he'll want to be lazy and eat out, my sister and I will convince him that we should stay in and eat at home.
We frequently request his yummy steamed fish, just simply with soy sauce, parsley, oil, and a little bit of mushrooms. It's so perfect, and delicate. I love it.

Another specialty he whips up? A chicken dish, with Chinese sausage and mushrooms. It's cooked slow, and inspired by a similar restaurant dish, served in a hot pot. It's delicious. And it's one of those dishes that sounds simple, but isn't. Or at least I've found that people often mess it up! And one of the most important things to remember? Use chicken on the bone! That's what helps give it flavor.

We always have some yummy wine to go with dinner, and it's nice to sit around the table and eat with my family. I grew up eating dinner each night at the table, without the TV, and with my family. It's nice to be able to still do that when I go home.

Oh. And dessert you ask? Sometimes it's a simple bowl of ice cream. Other times it'll be slices of fruit. And when we want a treat?

Souffles! Dad loves souffles. I'm going to have to learn how to make them myself for Dad. Until then? These ones from a nearby cafe are pretty good!

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