Monday, November 10, 2008

If you're ever asked to autograph something for someone...


Seriously people. If someone actually wants YOUR autograph (yes, YOU!), then please have enough respect to take the time to get the correct spelling of their name. Whether you’re a famous actress or musician, or a well known author, cutting edge scientist, or Nobel Prize winner. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a renowned chef, please get it right!!

I’m one of those dorks that likes getting books autographed. Fiction, non fiction. Autobiography, cookbooks. You name it. If I have the book, and I liked it, and I have the opportunity to meet the author, you can bet I’ll try and get the book signed.

I don’t go anywhere without carrying a Sharpie (my days working in the NBA have taught me well!) I don’t get star struck often. And most ‘celebrities' won’t even catch my attention. You’ll be lucky if I even recognize them. But a chef? That's usually a person I want to meet.

I recently brought a local chef's cookbook, and brought the cookbook into the restaurant a few weeks ago, in hopes that he’d be there that night and I could get it signed. What luck! He was! The server was very kind, and said that ‘Yes! I’m sure Chef would be happy to sign your book.’ She mentioned that not a lot of people have been coming in with the book and asking to get it signed. And it was a relatively slow night—so I thought ‘Hmmm, maybe he’ll even come out and say hello?’ Seems like the right thing to do, right? Guess again.

He didn’t come out. Which was fine. He was working after all. (Although in my simple PR mind, part of ‘working’ for a chef does mean going out and ‘touching tables’, but I digress.) So the server tells me she’d be happy to bring the book to him to sign, and she asks for my name. I’m careful to tell her, “It’s Jamie. J-A-M-I-E. M-I- E.”

She was really cheerful. Really nice. Said she got it. But when my book came back to me, what did it say? “Jaime, Keep it simple!”

I realize it’s not the chef’s fault for spelling my name wrong. But the server? Would have been nice if she could have at least written the correct spelling down so she wouldn't forget. I they've got a lot going on. And getting cookbooks signed sure isn't her job. And I’m sure it was a bit of a pain for her to go and ask Chef to sign it. But especially if it doesn't happen often...why not do this simple thing to make someone's night?

Now what do I do? Anyone know a Jaime that would like an autographed cookbook?


  1. When I write my first book, you better bet I'll spell your name correctly on the signing! Bozos.

    Come back to New York.....we have a lot more to eat!!!


  2. Hola J, El maestro en mí siempre quiere las cosas bien escritas así como, mantener la sonrisa!