Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sign of the Times

Are we in a recession? Is it another Great Depression? Are people eating out less? Buying less? Saving more? I know I am. Those shoes I wanted? I passed. That cute t-shirt I saw? Passed. Lunch out? No thanks, I brought mine. Dinner out? Well, ok! (I've got to enjoy a few luxuries! But in all seriousness, I'm definitely eating out less!)

And if you look around you and see the boarded up store fronts, the answer to the question would surely be 'yes'. I was walking in downton SF in Union Square a few weeks ago, and on one block, there were 6 street level store fronts closed. Gone. Out of business.

And else where?

The end of Mother's Cookies. (I'm going to pause to allow the shocking news to sink in.)

The Oakland based company abruptly shut it's doors. No warning. Not even enough time for me to buy my last bag of pink and white circus animal cookies. Nor my favorite mini iced oatmeal cookies. I don't eat a ton of sweets. And I don't even remember the last time I had Mother's Cookies. They're not a secret guilty food pleasure. But they bring me back to my childhood. And I am surprisingly devastated.

Another favorite that's come to an end? Zima. Yes. Now while it doesn't bring me quite as far back as my childhood, it does take me back to some under aged drinking days. It was wine coolers, Boone's, and Zima. What will high school kids do now? The end of an era people.

And slightly less sad, but again, a sign of the times...soon to be gone are Shoe Pavilion, Linens & Things, and Mervyns. Not stores I personally shopped at, but still. They were part of our landscape.

Which leads me to...WHAT'S NEXT?

Not to do make any Deathwatch declarations or anything, but what are your predictions for other companies going out of business?

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