Monday, October 6, 2008

Bless The Couples

I'm a single gal. Single and proud you might say. Although I may hope to find that special someone in the long run, I'm pretty happy and content in my life right now (at least in my personal life, professionally? Still trying to figure out how to be independently wealth!)

I have a lot of married friends, even more friends in relationships, and then a small handful of single friends (y'll rock the most, you know that right??!!)

Well, I often find myself wanting to get together with a friend, and the question comes up...will their partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife be joining? Although it's often nice to spend time alone with just your friend, I don't typically care if they bring along their significant others. For the most part, I like the partners of all of my friends.

But when I am the 'third wheel' and hanging out with one of my couple friends, I find that there's a handful of friends that I feel most comfortable with.

Some couples are plain annoying, overdose of the "we talk", and just too romantic and gushy with each other. Yuck. In other relationships, one person is really shy or quiet, and I always feel like I'm dominating the conversation, and it can be uncomfortable (so yea, I talk a lot, but I like being around other people that like to talk too!)

So my favorite couples? These are the couples that are equally interesting, equally funny, and people I really enjoy talking to, as individuals.

So to all of my friends out there, but especially to the couples that welcome this single gal into their lives, I love ya!!


  1. Wendark loves you Jamie! Mwah!

  2. got it - next time we TOTALLY won't do it on the couch until AFTER you've left. For reals, we're really looking forward to our upcoming food-n-drink getaway with you Jamie!