Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My War Wound

Can you see it? The blister? Do you wonder why I'm showing you this burn? No, it's not my first burn. It's not even my first burn in the restaurant kitchen. It's just the worse!!

Like most burns, it's because you weren't paying attention, or moving too fast, or you're stressed. Well, in this case? All of the above.

I had been really careful the last few times I was working in the kitchen. All those hot pots and pans, hot ovens and stoves, sharp knives, small spaces, heaving pots and pans, climbing racks and shelves in the walk-in, running into other people, running into counters, making quick turns, oh the list goes on and on. The kitchen, especially a professional restaurant kitchen, is not a safe place.

Well, a few nights ago, early in the night, I went to open an oven (the one we affectionately refer to as the "Easy Bake Oven") and even though I had a towel in hand to open the door with, I underestimated how hot that oven was. The result? Yup. My burn blister. OUCH!

Let's just say, it made for a long night. The pain did not go away, and all I could do was run my finger under cold water when ever I could in order to temporarily help ease the pain.

Does it still hurt? Yes. (Especially when I type!) Is it unattractive? Yes. Am I a little worried about it scaring or looking gross or not going away (it's almost hardened a little--like a callus)? Yes. Am I a little proud of my war wound? You betcha.

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