Friday, October 24, 2008

The Laughing Stock

I know I've written a lot about all of the random gadgets out there. But the more time I spend in a restaurant kitchen, the more I have to laugh at these different gadgets. They're knock-offs of the real deal. They're made to work the same way the restaurant equipment and tools are made to work--but more user friendly. And in pretty colors. Or they're tools you don't even need!

Not that there's anything wrong with that. And heck, I still consider myself a home cook--by no means a pro. But I find myself thinking more and more that these types of tools aren't necessary. I guess these were all the brainchild of some smart marketing person out there. In any case, they are pretty to look at:

These are all from Sur la Table's most recent email blast. Can you imagine if as part of the tools I took into the restaurant kitchen, I whipped out a rainbow whisk?? Or a pink spoon holder that hooked onto the pot? I can hear the laughter now. And salad tossers? Ummm, in the restaurant we call that 'our hands'.

If it were me? I'd much prefer access to a restaurant supply store!

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