Monday, October 27, 2008

Big News...For the Blog!

Loyal readers! It's been a busy weekend, and I'm excited to share a few things with all of you about this blog site!

Now those of you that really know me, you know this. I'm not a tech geek. I know my way around computers, and the Internet and stuff, and I'm trying to remember the web HTML coding stuff I learned back in college (thanks to Wandy!!) But at the heart of it, this tech stuff does not come naturally to me.

Well, this weekend, I made two major improvements to my site (at least in my point of view!) One tool is for my non-techy readers and the other tool is for my techy friends.

First--for those of you that aren't 'blog friendly' and don't like going back and checking all the time to see if a site's been updated, and who also don't read blogs using a reader of some sort (I'm obsessed with my Google Reader!), this new tool is meant for you!!

You can now sign up to receive my new posts via email! Sent directly from me to you--the same day it the post hits! You can either sign up using the link on my site, or by clicking on this link here.

Secondly, for all my tech savvy friends who use Reddit, or Digg, or or Facebook, this one's for you! At the end of each of my posts now, you'll see the 'Share This' button which allows you to easily link the posts to a number of sites. Yay!

I personally love the 'Share This' button and am frequently posting things to my Facebook page. A great way to share stories and news (and other generally funny and interesting things) with my friends. I encourage you to check it out! And would really appreciate you spreading the word/love about this little blog.

I know this seems silly and like no big deal. But for me? A major technology triumph!

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