Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Farmer's Market Treats

October is my favorite time in San Francisco. The weather is typically perfect--little to no fog in the morning, warm during the day, and then nice and cool at night. Fall is in the air and it doesn't get much better than this.

The other day, I ducked out of the office at lunch time to pick up a train ticket. That was my excuse. I mean sure, I needed the train ticket, but the real reason I wanted to leave the office? It was Tuesday. Farmer's Market Day at the Ferry Building.

I rarely get to go to the Tuesday market--getting out at lunch is so hard! But what a treat it was! I saw these beautiful cranberry beans:

I had JUST read about these beans from one of my favorite blogs, The Amateur Gourmet. I had a busy week ahead of me, and no time at home and in the kitchen, so I didn't buy any. But hopefully sometime soon.

Another sight I saw? This beautiful pepper plant! The 'flowers' are bright yellow little peppers:

It was GORGEOUS! Wouldn't this make a pretty center piece? Makes me want to throw a dinner party--just so I can go back and get this plant for my table.

Sadly, by the time I did get my train ticket, walked through a few stalls, got a refill in my Boccalone water bottle and chatted with my friend Tatiana, it was basically time to head back. Hopefully I can make a few more trips to the Tuesday market in's so nice to be at the market without the craziness of the Saturday crowds!

One last thing! Check out the pretty flowers I brought back to the office, definitely helping to brighten up my week!

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