Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Packing for a Trip

This is cute. There was a story in the LA Times on what chefs bring when they’re on vacation. It made me think…especially as I’m (suppose to be) packing for my upcoming trip, what are the essentials we all pack? What do you bring on vacation? Obviously it depends on where you’re going. And weather. And if it’s a trip for business or pleasure. But for me, some of the things that are always a ‘must have’. Here’s my top 5:

- Airborne

- A good book

- Sunglasses

- iPod

- My flip flops (I know I’m in the hotel industry and believe all of our hotels are clean, but still don’t love being barefooted in hotels)

My overall packing list is pretty long for each trip (you can never be too prepared!). In terms of kitchen/food stuff, I never really bring much. Maybe a granola bar or two. However, if I had the luxury of traveling to a rental house or vacation home, or something glamorous in Lake Tahoe, or Russian River, or Provence, or Tuscany or something…what would I bring then?

I think I’d keep it fairly simple. My knives! Well, right now I don’t have knives. But I've always wanted a knife pouch (I don't know the real name) and some day, I'd love to have my own set of nice knives to put in the pouch. And that’s what I’d bring. Not fancy ingredients or even some of the staples some of the chefs list in this story, but I’d find local ingredients and produce and cook to highlight those ingredients. But I’d have my trusty knives with me.

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