Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meal of the Month: July

Back by popular demand…it’s time for my Meal of the Month! As my loyal readers will know, this is where I recap my favorite meal from this last month. Here’s a link to my first Meal of the Month column.

As I mentioned before, the Meal of the Month may not necessarily be the meal with the best food (although it certainly does help if the food’s good!), but it might be because of the overall experience. Here are some of the top contenders:

- Breakfast with celebrity/eco consultant/overall cool guy, Danny Seo

- A fabulous Fourth of July BBQ feast in Portland

The Jello shot American Flag

- Spanish tapas dinner at Lolo Restaurant with my chef friend John

- Yummy Thai street food with two good girlfriends at Pok Pok Restaurant

The Glowing Pok Pok Sign

Siobhan and I in front of Pok Pok (Sorry Tarlan, there wasn't one of all of us in it!)

- A home cooked ‘kid friendly’ meal in Diamond Heights

- Lunch in the courtyard café at the Legion of Honor Museum with two of my favorite kids

Will and Nate with their favorite Auntie!

- Casual Friday night BBQ at a friend’s house

- Yummy Italian meal at Tuli Bistro with my friend Denise, sitting at the chef’s counter, while chatting it up with the newest chef to join the team (best scallops I’ve had in such a long time)

- Enjoy a wonderful relaxing meal outside with old friends (and new ones!) at Parkhouse Eatery

Another glowing sign--this time at the Parkhouse Eatery

Old Friends (Bahram, Bowman J and Siobhan) with New Friends (Jason and Devin)

- Late night dinner with my friend Josh at one of my local favorites, Berretta Restaurant, after cocktails at the Grand Café (celebrating Bastille Day), and more cocktails at the Clock Bar opening party…oh, and before more drinks at Alembic Bar!

- Fun dinner at Poleng Lounge with friends Josh and Tim (see earlier post here)

Meals were enjoyed in San Francisco, Portland, Sacramento, and San Diego. Whew! What a lucky gal I am! How does one even choose a favorite? Well. For the month of July…I am choosing my recent dinner at SPQR Restaurant with my brand new foodie friends!

It was a late dinner, with four ‘new friends’ and they were all out of towners. All of them worked in restaurants (two were chefs, one was front of the house.) We were a motley crew of sorts. And it was awesome.

We had been drinking cocktails at another event for a little while (ok, so for more than three hours) before deciding to head to SPQR for dinner. There was still a wait when we got there, so we went down the street and had some wine while we waited. By the time we settled in for dinner, we were starving!

From the corner of my eye, I could see Chef Nate Appleman behind the line, and I knew we’d be in for a treat. We started right away with some of the antipasti: fried cauliflower with garlic, parsley, capers and lemon; fried chicken livers; (there was one more appetizer, but I can’t remember!) We also had the fried sweetbreads with celery, garlic, parsley and lemon as well as one of my all time favorite pastas, the cacao e pepe- rigatoni with pecorino romano and black pepper. So delicious!

We ended with two desserts. And I’ve got to be honest, I should have written this weeks ago after we ate the meal, because I don’t even remember the first dessert. Only the second one. The one I wanted. it was a hazelnut panna cotta and I don’t think I even put it down. It was so good (and again, my love for panna cotta remains true!)

I’m fairly easy when it comes to choosing dining companions. I don’t love eating with vegetarians (it just limits me in what we can taste!), I need to eat with people who are up for trying new things, and everyone needs to share! That’s it. Pretty basic. This night was one of those nights…where the food was yummy, service amazing, conversation was fun, and the wine just flowing.

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  1. The boys are going to be THRILLED they made the Auntie's blog. :-) We were so lucky to share that amazing day with you my love. Here's to many more art-inspired escapades. Oh, and salted-caramel ice cream...and Pretty in Pink strawberry cupcakes...and, well you get the picture! We love you!