Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meal of the Month: June

My friend Lisa was talking about her favorite 'meal of the month' earlier today, and I thought that would be a fun column for my blog! At the start of each month, I'll recap a favorite 'Meal of the Month' from the month before. The meal would be chosen mainly because of the delicious food, but also because of the overall experience. Was it something unique? A once in a lifetime opportunity? The people I was with? What made it something special and standout in my memory so many meals later? Simply put, it was a meal to remember for a lifetime. So here goes...


I was lucky, in June, I ate my way through Las Vegas, Aspen, Lake Tahoe, and of course, San Francisco. From restaurant parties, to extravagant meals in Vegas, to outdoor grill meals, to my favorite local hot spots in San Francisco with talented chef friends. Meals ranged from nibbling my way through a party, to home cooked meals, to meals outside in the perfect summer weather, to meals consisting mainly of cocktails. :) It was a hard task to choose just one meal. Well, folks, this is my blog, my rules. Here's the top two meals from June.

1. Dessert Tasting Menu, Payard Patisserie, Las Vegas
A five course dessert tasting menu with bubbly and port pairings? A good friend enjoying it with me? Perfect.

Coffee Eclair, Milk Chocolate Mouse and Flaky Sable

2. Head to Tail Dinner, Incanto Restaurant, San Francisco
Amazing meal. Very different meal than anything I've tasted before. A great group of friends. What could be better?

Boccalone sanguinaccio, duck egg and warm oysters

Let's hope July brings just as many good meals! Tune in!

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