Sunday, July 20, 2008

Endless Technology Issues

I'm totally annoyed. I don’t know what happened, but I opened up my blog page one day and it was still blue with my polka dots, but all the writing was in a white text box. I couldn't figure out what happened! Obviously I didn't do that (I wouldn't even know how!)

I tried fixing it, I tried looking into the HTML coding, I tried re-choosing my template. All nothing. Same ugly white box. Since I couldn't fix it, I changed it. I don't love this white background, but at least it does have the polka dots (sometimes...a few times I've opened it up, and nothing. Just white.)

SO. For those of you reading this in Google Reader or some other feed, you'll probably never notice the difference. For the rest of you...(Paul, I mean you), I'm sorry. Still working on the background, the template, the spacing issues...sigh.

Thanks for reading though. I’ve got a bunch of posts I’ve been writing that need to be posted…stay tuned! Hope the stories are worth putting up with the ever changing background.

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