Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dinner at Poleng Lounge...and A Lesson in Composting

As my friend Josh was starting to get tired of Italian food on his Tour de San Francisco, we decided it was time to check out another cuisine. He mentioned wanting something I took my him to Poleng Lounge. A place you can always count on for some good food, yummy cocktails and good vibe. It was the perfect place for a meal his last night in SF.

My friend Tim Luym is the chef there, and is probably one of the hardest working chefs I know.
Josh and I enjoyed dish after dish of amazing food. And did ya know Tuesday night is half off bottles of wine and sake? :)

In any case, more importantly, the food!

Walu Kinilaw: A Filipino “Ceviche” with butterfish cooked in sugarcane vinegar, lime juice and coconut milk, with thai chiles, toybox tomatoes and cilantro. SO GOOD. It was one of our favorite dishes of the night. (Note, the poor photography skills are reflection of how the food looked!)

Sizzling Sisig: Pork medley with coconut vinegar, onions, peppers, and fresh calamansi. We added an egg, and it came perfectly sunnyside up, and was mixed in table side. They did it so quickly, we couldn't capture a 'before' photo. But this was good.

Long Life Garlic Crab Noodles: Pan fried egg noodles with garlic and fresh dungeness crabmeat. Yummy! A favorite of mine. Note the photography skills getting a bit better? Josh grabbed the camera and started snapping...he even staged the photos so that you can see the bottle of the “Summer Snow” Kamoizumi Nigori Ginjo sake we had in the background (I'm holding it up by the way.)

Cebuano B.B.Q. Pork Belly. It was a yummy dish, and no offense to Tim, but the best part of this dish was the accompanying salad...

Salted Duck Egg Salad...with thinly sliced pieces of shallots and tomatoes. YUM! We were starting to get so full, but still managed to eat all of it.

I don't remember the full details/description of this dish. I am so embarrassed. HELP! Tim? Josh? Anyone out there? It was yummy...but it was also the last dish (that we didn't order)...of a long night...with lots of sake...sigh.

It's always fun seeing two chefs get together and hearing what they talk about. In the case of Tim and Josh, the topic moved to composting and gardens. It was pretty interesting stuff...what you can and can't compost. Do restaurants compost? Do certain cities make it easier than other cities? What about those worms? Different types of containers to store the compost. Could you go into the business of composting? How does it affect your garden? Do you have a garden? What are you growing? What do you want to try and grow? Why don't you plant these chilies? And on and on and on.

In any case, a conversation I would have probably spent 10 on, lasted closer to 30 min (maybe over...I swear, I'm not exaggerating). Seriously. They had bonded. I was left to sipping my Fernet. Tim even showed Josh his walk-in (get your mind out of the gutters people! Walk-in refrigerator!!), and gave him some Thai chilies and limes. Lucky guy. Where were mine?

Josh and Tim talking about composting. They weren't this smiley for the whole conversation, although they were pretty animated in their conversation, but here they're just posing for the photo.

In any case. It was a great night. Great food. Great company. What more could a gal ask for?

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