Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weirdest Plane Passenger

So. Most people I see when I travel are 'normal'. Husbands and wives. Families. Groups of girls. Groups of guys. People traveling for leisure, and people traveling for business (my favorite type of traveler to see!)

In any case, only a few times, have I seen some 'weird' behavior. There was the group of tourists from India (I believe) on my flight from SF to Las Vegas recently. They didn't speak a word of English and had a lot of trouble getting seated--people not knowing where their seats were, so they were just sitting anywhere they could. Frustrating, but I guess not actually too 'weird'.

Well. Recently, on my flight from SF to San Diego...I sat across the aisle from a woman that's gonna take the cake for weird. She was singing the entire flight. Yes, it ranged from a low hum to full on, loud singing. And during the low hums, she had her lint brush in her hand, and was tapping it, as if that was her drum stick and she was drumming.

I don't know what language she was singing in, I think and African language, and she actually did have a pretty decent voice. It was just odd...

The couple next to me kept glaring at her (but she was singing with her eyes closed, so really, why bother with the stares?) A lot of people were clearly annoyed and bothered, but no one complained. I guess if the flight was any longer...then maybe it would be worth it. Sigh. In the meantime, maybe this is a reminder to always carry those ear plugs with you!


  1. If she was a good singer, I probably would not mind. I would prefer singing to the guy in front of me leaning his seat all the way back so that I could cut his hair.

    I was riding the bus one time with this woman who did not appear to be totally stable. She was holding a Shrek doll and bible of sorts and she chanted during her entire ride. I found that a little odd.

  2. Oh! You do bring up a good point...weird people on public transportation! Or even those we're lucky enough to come across in our fair city.

    There's the time the lady on the street kicked me for no apparent reason...

    The guy that pee'd on the bus...

    Hmm. Might be a whole different blog all together...