Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just another Monday night...

A few nights ago, I went to dinner with some of my restaurant friends. And true to the industry, we went out for a late night dinner at Beretta out in the Mission—started at 9:30 pm (which is late for me, especially on a Monday night!) Two of them had worked (even though Mon's are traditionally their days off). Me? I worked that day too...then a quick gym workout before making a stop at another party first.

It's so much fun seeing these guys, they all use to work together at Postrio, and are still pretty close. I'm just lucky they let me into their little group. When you go out to eat with them, anything goes...discussion topics vary (and most are NOT 'proper' dinner conversations- which is probably why it's so fun!)

We joke, we tease each other, and we order everything on the, cocktails, dessert. You name it. See a favorite on the menu? Get it. See something that sounds interesting? Get it. See something that you heard was good? Get it. See something that you heard was not good? Still get it. Yes, this is dining with foodies, chefs or restaurant people.

At one point, the server came by and said 'Sounds like you guys are in the industry'. He must have over heard the chefys talking food costs and me critically eyeing their menu and commenting that I didn’t want the rhubarb dessert on the menu, declaring 'It's already the tail end of rhubarb season! I’ve had too much rhubarb! I'm over it!'

One of my chef friends jumped in and started talking about Alembic, where he worked, that the cuisine would be considered a 'gastro pub' and on and on. Meanwhile, my other chef friend, Chad, was hanging back and letting them talk. I couldn't resist. I chimed in 'He's a chef too. At Baraka. It's really good...'

I don't even remember who picked up the conversation at that point or what they were saying. I had this out of body experience where I saw myself talking. Oh my god. I was like that annoying proud parent that won't stop bragging about their child.

Yes. I'm generally super proud of all of my friends. You pick on any of them, and I'll set you straight. But when it comes to my friends, I'm especially proud of this one. I've known him since Kindergarten. Yup, through elementary school, junior high, high school...Through learning our colors and numbers to high school dances. We haven't remained close this whole time, and only really reconnected in recent years, but this was a guy that I grew up with, that lived down the street from me…I just knew he was gonna be big one of these days and I was going to talk him up!

We ended the night fairly early (for them, late for me!)...and despite the encouragement from Chad to go out drinking, we all headed home. After all, it was only a Monday. This gal was beat, and I still had a long week ahead. Til next time...which knowing the four of us, it'll be another few months before we all have the same night free. Big smooches to Jim for driving me home...even though I’m sure all he wanted to do was get home to his partner and even though I'm totally out of his way. He's always lookin’ out for me! With friends like him, living in the city is made a little easier for this girl.

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