Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Salumi Cycle

Salumi makes me happy. Seriously. What could be better than a little cured meat, wine and cheese? I would never get tired of it and I think I could seriously live off that!

So imagine how happy I was when I learned Chris Cosentino was opening up a store for his Boccalone meats...and at the Ferry Building, a place I'm at all time too! Yummy cured meats, and in my neck of the woods? Perfect. I was ready to join the Salumi Society!

Well. Life just got better. Eater SF broke this story today...can you imagine if they delivered salumi to you at work?? Oh my god. I've died and gone to heaven. Or I've found myself my next dream job. Biking around this gorgeous city and bringing people their cured meats? What could be better?

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