Sunday, June 15, 2008

Aspen...Observations, Tips and Lessons

Sorry. Still learning the technology... and I lost the end of my last post. :(

But here are my recreated lists...

10 Celebrity Chef Observations and Thoughts:

- Bobby Flay needs his Starbucks too

- Michelle Bernstein also needs to rush to the bathroom after a long seminar

- Chefs like meeting their idols just like you and me

- Chefs like Grateful Dead cover bands

- Tom Colicchio can't dance...but doesn't let it stop him!

- Danny Meyer can have a hard time getting a liquor license too

- Chefs are like any other people...some don't like the spotlight. As I was running through a kitchen, I caught Dave Chang in the corner, beer in hand. He was clearly overwhelmed by all of the people and was content in the kitchen away from the spotlight.

- A smile counts! Michelle Bernstein was always smiling, and so approachable! She wins the prize as my new 'favorite celebrity chef'

- Chefs are supportive of each other. Even at the early sessions, I saw chefs in the audience supporting their fellow colleagues, asking questions and being fully engaged. It's a supportive industry. It was nice to see.

- It's a small world. Everyone seems to know everyone else. But there are cliques too.

Top Five Lessons Learned from Aspen Food & Wine:

- There are a lot of parties. You won't know about them all. Hell, you won't even know about half of them. Get over it. But have fun trying to make as many as you can. :)

- The outfits are the most important part of the weekend. Be prepared for any weather, any party, any event, and any occasion. Pack your whole closet.

- There's plenty of free booze everywhere you go, but the substantial food is actually harder to find. When you do find some, load up. Trust me. You can't get through this weekend with alcohol alone. It's a test of endurance.

- On that same note, there is water every where you go. It's there for a reason. Hydrate. Re-hydrate. Repeat. We grabbed water every chance we could, and even threw bottles in our bags/purses. You don't want to pass out too early. There's too much going on and too many parties to go to! (See Point #1)

- Who says there's no global warming? The sun's rays are strong up in the mountain. My face, arms and legs are proof. Next time? Plenty of sunscreen. I'm gonna lather up next time.

So, see you there next year?? :)

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