Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Beauty of a Nice Cab Driver

Don't underestimate the value of a good cab driver. Especially for this carless city gal, a cab driver is either your best friend or worst enemy. He can have a clean cab that doesn't smell, he can know all the short cuts and generally,be a good driver. Or. On the other hand, he can get you stuck in the worst traffic, he can be smoking like a chimney while you're in the cab, or he can turn around and stare at you so much, it makes you uncomfortable.

It's a crap shoot. You never know which kind of driver you're gonna get. At the end of a long trip away from home,all you want is one of the good ones.

I lucked out today. Not only did I score with a super nice driver, but my guy was even willing to
carry my super heavy, Aspen outfits filled suitcase up my two flights of stairs. What a nice way to end the most amazing weekend.

Hats off to the cabbie. More postings, stories and memorable moments from Aspen Food & Wine Classic later! :)

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