Saturday, June 28, 2008

City of Foodies

Yes. I live in a city of foodies. From the homeless guy I saw eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon (seriously), to the cab drivers, San Franciscans know how to appreciate good food.

One time, I hailed a cab across the street from a restaurant I had just dined at. The can driver assumed I had just dined at the restaurant I had just been standing in front of (Absinthe Brasserie & Bar) and started grilling me the second I got into the cab. 'Was dinner good? Was it expensive? Is it overrated or was it good?' I told him I didn't actually eat there, and never had, but that all my bar experiences there had been amazing.

He started going on and on about restaurants in the city. Thought Zuni Cafe was overrated (agreed! Good, but overrated), where did I go in the Mission for burritos, he thought you can't find good Greek food (although he loved Kokkari), what about the food in my neighborhood (you can't beat U-Lees for good Chinese food!), and on and on.

It was the most interesting cab ride I've ever had! I found myself a little sad as I was nearing home. I wanted to stay and talk longer!!

The other night, it happened again. I got in the cab and told them where I was going. 'Joey & Eddie's...where the old Mooses use to be.' The driver (a SHE by the way!!) got into a conversation about how she couldn't believe Moose's had closed. And that she had heard mixed reviews about the place...and what did I think? While we were on the topic of North Beach restaurants, she brought up Washington Square Bar & Grill closing, and 'How could the WashBag close??'

It was great to be engaged in some interesting food dialogue with a cab driver once again. Another reminder that this city is filled with food crazed people. And another reminder of just why I love this city so much.

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