Monday, August 11, 2008

Sacred Foods and Food Sins

There was a posting on one of the blogs I peruse recently, and it basically talked about a women meeting someone that didn't like garlic. And, naturally, she was appalled. It lead her to the question, "What are your sacred foods"? The ones that you love and as she put it, that if your romantic partner doesn't like, you begin questioning them??

I know. It sounds harsh. I mean, not like someone just because there's one thing they don't eat? Well, it got me thinking. Am I one of those people? I'd like to say I wasn't. That yes, food is important to me, but no food item could be a 'deal breaker'. That true love could pass this test. Then I got to thinking.

She's onto something. Someone that doesn't like garlic? I wouldn't trust 'em! I use garlic in half the dishes I make!

And what about vegetarians? Well, while that's something I'll tolerate when it comes to friendship (sorry vegetarian friends reading, just being honest!), but for my husband to-be? Yea, I don't think so. How else could we grill steaks on hot summer nights? And what about my mom's yummy roast beef recipe? Or my dad's killer pork chops?

They're great, and don't get me wrong, I love vegetables, but all veggie all the time?

And then there's bacon. And really, all things pork. Yea, I couldn't be with someone that didn't love pork. Pork chops, pork belly, pork tenderloin (as my sister would say, now I'm beginning to sound like Bubba from Forest Gump and his obsession for all things shrimp). But seriously. Nothing beats the smell of bacon in the morning. I want to be with someone that's not only going to crave some themselves, but be willing to get up and make it for me!

Then I remembered this guy I dated for a little while a few years ago. He was deathly allergic to dairy. Which meant not only could he not eat the obvious things, like cheese, and milk, and yogurt, and ummm, my personal favorite, ICE CREAM, but there was also some chemical or ingredient in dairy that he was allergic to. SO. That meant he also couldn't eat most cured meats. Ummm. Did he not know that I could live on salumi, cheese and wine?? Yea, needless to say, that relationship ended. Of course our failing relationship wasn't all to be blamed on this dairy allergy, but it sure didn't help.

NONE OF THIS! Don't even think about it. He couldn't eat any of it!

So. Maybe this fellow blogger is right? Maybe there are deal breakers for me when it comes to food. Or let's be more positive. Maybe I just haven't found the right person? And that some pork hating, garlic despising, vegetarian is out there waiting for me? Nah! I don't think so!
What are your food deal breakers?


  1. Mmmmmm, bacon, the last reason why I'd hang on to not being a veg head. I'm obsessive about roasted beets, so they'd at least have to tolerate the never-get-it-off-your-hands-red stains on every cutting board in the kitchen. Oh, and peanut butter, I mean, when Wills didn't like peanut butter early on, I swore he wasn't my child (no worries, now he likes it just fine). Fun post, and I still think you look just like your mum! XOXOXOX

  2. Oh yes...beets!! One of these days, I'm going to grow my own. And dig 'em up. So from dirt to red stains! :)

    By the way, interesting addition. My friend Stacey pointed out, that while no food might be sacred to her, alcohol certainly would be!

    She's right! No good red wine with my pasta bolgenese? No bubbly on New Year's Eve? No refreshing cocktail on a hot summer night? No beer with my grilled hamburger? No thank you!!

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