Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Gadgets!

I go back and forth. Are there too many fancy gadgets out there? I mean, do real chefs laugh at some of the products out on the market these days? Who needs a stainless steel finger guard? Or a round tea bag squeezer? I mean, come on! Isn't a really good chef's knife really all you need?

Well, as posted in the New York Times earlier today, Design Within Reach is opening a houseware store--DWR: Tools for Living. Hmmm. How do you think it's going to do? Do we really need more clutter and stuff in our kitchens?

Just as I was doubting the success of this venture, I skimmed the list of gadgets they'd have. Pretty cute stuff. A few caught my eye...and then one made me really excited. A stoneware herb pot.

Isn't it great? I mean, if I could have fresh herbs growing right in my kitchen, that would be awesome!

Then it hit me. I have that. No, it's not that fancy. And it's not in a pretty stone pot. And it doesn't look quite as green and healthy (but that's my own lack of a green thumb!) What happened to just the good old fashioned herb plant? Oh yea. I guess it's kind of the same huh?
My basil plant from my dad

Not as healthy as when I first got it...but considering it's been a few months and it's still alive, I think I'm making progress. Mint's next on the docket!

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