Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Gift of Giving

Have people stopped giving and sending flowers these days? Or has it just become a rare thing? Or is it just me that's not receiving 'em?

Someone at work got flowers yesterday, and it caused quite the stir. All the gals were envious, and everyone (men and women) were wondering who they were from, and what for! It made me think. Flowers are one of those things that can totally brighten up your day. Can they be expensive? Well sure. Is it a little frivolous? Maybe a little. But do they bring a smile to your face like nothing else can? Most definitely.

I have a friend at work, Sabine. She's incredibly thoughtful...and is a person that has surprised me with flowers on a number of occasions through the years of our friendship. I've received 'Happy Birthday' flowers from her that are bright and cheerful...and then this last March, on the anniversary of my mom's death, she was sweet enough not only to remember the date, but to bring me flowers. While obviously all the flowers in the world couldn't have made that day any easier for me, it was nice to know I had a friend that cared. And yes, the flowers did bring a smile to my face.

And that's just it. The act of giving someone flowers is so thoughtful. It shows a person that someone had been thinking of them, and that they took time from their busy day to do something nice for you. Despite the fact that you might be giving them to someone for a sad occasion, it does help make them feel just a little bit better, even if just for a moment.

And if not for a sad occasion? Even better!

I'm trying to think about the last bunch of flowers I received that were for a good reason. Does my high school prom corsage count?? Haha, just kidding. And for the record, those were beautiful and from my 'date' and good friend Eric!

Sorry Eric, had to post this one!! No laughing folks, this is from more than 10 years ago!

But in all seriousness, recent memories of receiving flowers are all around my mom's death. Not the happiest memories.

Although, one of the most thoughtful bouquets I've ever received, were from my friend Sarah. She and I have spent a lot of time talking about the significance of a person's favorite flower. She lost her sister more than seven years ago, and her sister's favorite flower was the sunflower. Sarah says that each time she sees sunflowers, she thinks of her sister. My mom also had a favorite flower. They were tulips. And like Sarah, seeing tulips still makes my heart ache, and most days, I still find myself tearing up. Sarah sent me this bouquet in March:

No words are needed...they're just perfect, and perfectly thoughtful.

At one point last year, I had said I would start buying myself flowers. Either for my office desk or to have at home. Just because they made me so happy. Well...it seemed silly to buy them for myself to put on my cubicle desk at work. And frankly, I wasn't home enough to justify having flowers there. So alas. No progress there.

My friend Shaye always has flowers in her apartment. They're just not real! (Sorry Shaye, had to tell your secret!!). Although her's do look real and are nicely done, I know some of you might be laughing at the idea of buying fake flowers. But there is something to be said for them! Each time I visit her, I comment on them-and for a moment, don't even realize or remember they're not real. So if they still bring a smile to your face, shouldn't that count for something?

The last bunch of flowers I received romantically? Sigh. I can't even remember. The last bunch I received for no reason (good or bad)? Also can't remember. The last bunch I bought for myself? That's easy. I'm vowing to grab a bunch of the prettiest things I can find at Saturday's Farmer's Market.

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  1. So many great emails and comments came to me about this post, thanks everyone! Glad I could inspire some floral gift giving! :)