Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Ink's Not Even Dry...

from my last post, when I boarded yet another plane to head home. Just when I was hoping for a drama free trip, we had delay after delay. Finally boarding the plane almost two hours later, all I wanted to do was get home.

The first bummer was that even though it was a short flight, I was hoping to sit next to one of the friends that I was traveling with. There was five of us, and yet we all sat apart from each other. Not a big deal. We had just spent the whole weekend together after all!

Well, I had a window seat, and when Mr. Middle Seat approached, I thought I had a normal neighbor for once. Not so lucky. Mr. Middle Seat had back problems. The second the plane took off and we didn't have to wear our seat belts anymore, he got up, and hunched over. Essentially facing towards the back of the plane. He was like that the entire flight. While I felt bad for him for experiencing back pain, it was a little odd.

On top of that? I didn't even notice until my friend Paul pointed it out to me. He had little sequins on his shirt. Isn't that no longer hip for day-time wear? Was it ever really ok to wear sequins out in broad day light?

Sigh. Nothing that affected me. But again, just not normal. Further proof that there are a lot of weird people out there!

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