Monday, August 25, 2008

Help This Blogger Out!

I was rushing off to brunch with some friends this Sunday. And yes, I was running late. But as I was hurrying to brunch, this light pole ad caught my eye:

"The Expiration Date: It's Just a Guideline Right?"

Those of you that know me well, will know why even in my hurry, I stopped to take a photo.

First, I'm a slow eater. I will frequently still have my lunch on my desk at 2 or 3 or even 4 pm. (Yes! Even if I started at noon!)

On top of that? There's been some discussion amongst friends, on the topic of my attention to food safety. Yes. This foodie has a hard time throwing away food. (Why waste good food when you might eat it tomorrow?) I always have a full fridge, but before you grab anything, you should probably ask me how long it's been in there.

Now don't get too freaked out. I've never (knock on wood) had food poisoning. And I would never serve anything questionable to anyone! It really isn't that bad. I just tend to save things. I'm always good about putting left overs in air tight containers, and wrapping things with plastic wrap. I just maybe hang onto it for a little longer than I should.

It's even been brought up that I should probably go to a food safety class. Just to freak me out a bit about all of the possible germs and bacterias out there.

It's hard though! I try not to buy more food than I know I can eat. The hardest part is factoring in the unplanned dinners and lunches out. But I like to cook. I get ambitious on the weekends with how much cooking I'm going to be able to do in the week. And when I see a new ingredient (aka my recent squash blossom obsession), I have to buy it! I've gotten better. I'm better at planning. And I'm definitely more aware of how long I've had something in my refrigerator for (even dating items!). But yes, I could probably still do better.

In any case. I saw this ad, and literally stopped in my tracks and laughed out loud. It was great! Expiration dates ARE just guidelines to me! You can always add at least five dates and be good. Especially if it hasn't been opened yet! Then you've got weeks.

My only question now? What was this ad for? I didn't capture the entire sign, and am now kind of curious to know what this ad was for. Can anyone help? Does anyone walk by this or recognize it? It was somewhere along Union Street (a part of town I actually don't frequent.)

Oh well. Maybe it was just a sign from above. Just for me.


  1. Thanks to my friend Sabine for her keen eye...the advertisement was for the Academy Of Art College!

    I knew you guys would help me solve this mystery!

  2. Oh no! I think we stand corrected! I saw another ad in this same serious. I actually think it's for St. Mary's Hospital. Makes more sense huh?