Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gadget Invasion and the Staples

So as I continue to wonder about all those kitchen gadgets out there, two things happened today. The first was that I received an email advertising a sale on ‘colorful gadgets’. Hmmm, really? Not just gadgets now. COLORFUL gadgets. Really people? Here are two of the samples:

"The easy way to poach eggs—cute cups stand upright for serving and won't retain odors, stains or flavors. Food-grade silicone."

Really? You need a special bowl to poach eggs? OH PLEASE!

"Easily transfer chopped ingredients into a pan or prep bowl. Polystyrene cutting surface and easy-grip handle."

Really? A 'chop and serve' board? I don't know about that. My plain old cutting board seems to work just fine.

Then I came across this article in the San Francisco Chronicle “Kitchen Essentials: Our 10 Favorite Tools”. How interesting that someone else is thinking about kitchen gadgets. But this time, important ones. Do you agree with the list? Disagree? Items on this list I don’t have?

- A chinois (I’ve got a sifter, good enough for me)
- Digital scale
- Silpat (although I’ve been wanting one!)
- Mandoline (yea, sadly, this home chef simply cuts it all with her chef’s knife!)
- Instant read thermometer

What’s missing on this list for you? When are the gadgets necessary and when do they begin to get ridiculous?

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