Thursday, September 17, 2009

Saying Good Bye to Russian Hill

I've been so lucky to be a Russian Hill resident the past 5 years. The hills, the ding ding of the cable car, the classic SF Edwardian style buildings, views of the water and both Golden Gate bridge as well as Bay Bridge.

It's a great neighborhood-with a real neighborhood feeling. Little boutiques, coffee shops, and cute restaurants on tree lined streets. I've got many friends that live nearby, and are literally only minutes away from me. Making it easy for that last minute invite for dinner or that much needed post work glass of wine. And not to mention, my sister and uncle are both blocks away from me. My uncle always joked that if I needed anything and yelled loud enough, he could actually hear me.

What more could a girl ask for?

A place of her own. And so, as I began the search for a new place to live (and quickly put an offer in on a sweet spot!), it hit me. In a matter of weeks, I mayno longer be living in this place I've been calling home.

Second to my childhood home, this is the place I've lived in the longest. This is the last apartment of mine that my mom saw. And thinking back now to that last move-in day, I'm not really sure how I'm going to do it this time without her there. I know she'd be excited for me. I know she'd love the new apartment, and be so happy that I had a place to call my own.

I'm trying not to dwell on all of that. And while there's still a long process ahead of me and I may not even be moving, I am instead focusing my energy on spending as much time in my neighborhood as possible. Gotta duck into two of my favorite shops, Belle Cose, Limonia and Picnic a few more times. And MUST buy a few more old used books from Russian Hill Bookstore. And let's not forget the Jug Shop! Wonder if Chuck will miss seeing me in there as much as I'll miss going in there?

Must hit up my last Taco Tuesday at Nick's Crispy Tacos, sushi at Okoze, another meal at the bar of Pesce, coffee and brunch at Nook, take-out (including the pork fried rice and HUGE potstickers) at U-Lee, bubbles outside on a sunny weekend day at Bell Tower, ladies night at the Cafe Meuse, ice cream at Swenson's, ZA pizza, wine and eye candy at Amelie, burger at Polkers...the list could go on.

Russian Hill. It's a great little neighborhood. And it's been my home. Some of the best spots in the city. The upside to all of this? Hopefully I'll have a new neighborhood to discover!

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