Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meal of the Month: August 09

I think it was a record month. Record number of amazing home made meals. Whether at home or at a friend’s house, I feasted on elaborate home cooked meals that would rival most restaurant meals. Really. An amazing Indian feast at Sabine and Rohit’s house, followed by an amazing Japanese feast at Sarah and Evan’s. Both meals shared with great friends. Lots of wine and laughter.

There was the night the girls came over and we had wine and cheese night, the Top Chef Master’s finale viewing party night where even more wine and cheese was served, and then the night of the summer salads (since it was almost 90 degrees in SF that day!) There was the night my friend Michelle brought over a delicious French Onion Soup (thank you Huie and Mah!) for a chilly SF night. The perfect comfort food.

I had two amazing home made meals. One was a simple steamed fish with soy sauce and mushrooms, and the second? These delicious fish balls that I had been craving! Made with green onions, Chinese sausage, and dried shrimp. Not quite as good as how my grandpa or my mom use to make them, but I’m getting there.

Then there were a slew of casual, but perfectly tasty meals. Tons of nibbles and tastes were had at the SF Chefs Food Wine Festival and even more yummy street food nibbles from Poleng Lounge at the SF Street Food Festival.

I had a casual and comfortable meal at a local Chinese food restaurant, Golden Horse, with my dad and sister, a delicious meal with friends Chris, Tatiana, Easton and Shawn at King of Noodles (delicious dumplings and of course, the hand made noodles!), and then pho on a chilly night with the Michelle’s. YUM!

Some great nights with friends at Fish & Farm (you HAVE to get the corn soup), midi (pork chop please!), Tomasso’s (pizza pizza pizza!), Woodward’s Garden (I felt like we were in the middle of Paris!), Flour + Water and Beretta (umm, thanks to Ryan for the delicious cocktails and for making sure we never had an empty glass!) So ok, there was some indulgence this month.

I checked out the newest restaurant in town, Starbelly, on opening night and for brunch, delicious! And then I had to return to Maverick for brunch, one of my favorites in the city. The tomato and bread salad was PERFECT for a hot day.

Yea. Sorry guys. Those were all pretty amazing meals. But none of those were it. Hard to believe. But there were actually two additional meals this month that ended up making the top of my list.

The first? A simple and last minute meal at Park Chalet on one of the absolute hottest nights San Francisco saw all summer. The reason it was so great? It was a chance to catch up with an old friend and his family. A friend that I haven’t seen in years, and it was a great reminder of why we were ever friends. Yummy food, beer, great company, and the perfect warm summer night outside? Done. Meal of the Month worthiness.

The second? A celebratory drink and snack at Nopalito after passing my scooter/motorcycle permit test! First enjoying a refreshing summer sangria by myself at the counter, then sharing nibbles with my good girlfriend Michelle. Including the most delicious corn!

That wasn’t enough for the celebratory night. And we were on a corn kick by then. So? Off to Incanto for more nibbles. And a DELICIOUS corn gnocchi. We knew well enough we wouldn’t be able to eat much on our own. So our strategy? Call up the girls. Oh yes. Wendy and Grace came and joined us. Random Thursday night turned into Girls Night. We shared a number of dishes (and a lot of bubbly), including, a yummy dish playfully called “This is Your Brain on Drugs” (get it? From the old commercials?), the corn gnocchi (the craving that sent us there in the first place!), and well, yes. Of course. My spaghettini.

Thanks to all of my many friends that made all of these meals for me and to those that shared these meals with me. What an amazing weekend!!

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  1. What do I have to do to get included in meal of the month?? I'm all for girls night, cheese, wine, cocktails, homecooked meals--I can do it all. :-)