Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Favorite: Ding Ding!

How picture perfect! I love this loaf of bread (from the SF Chefs. Food. Wine. Festival a few weeks ago.) Of course you all know why I love this so much. Because while it's an iconic symbol of San Francisco, it's also a part of my every day life!

My mode of transportation to work most days, the short ride to work on the cable car gives me the much needed moments of quiet before my day begins. Whether I'm shooting out a couple of personal emails via my BlackBerry, or catching up with friends via Facebook, or getting my dose of morning 'news' via Twitter, I often find myself almost wishing my commute was a little longer!
Other times? The BlackBerry is in my purse and I've got my earplugs in and I'm zoning out. Thinking about the weekend. Or thinking about the day ahead.
Sometimes there's sadness. I'll see something that brings a tear to my eye. Strange how that quiet time on the cable car can leave me so vulnerable.

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