Saturday, September 5, 2009

Love Lost

I'm a hopeless romantic. Believing in silly notions like true love, love at first site, soul mates, romances that last the test of time...

I have a hard time when I see romances end. While I know sometimes it's for the best- and that not all relationships were meant to be, I'm still so sad.

Recently it feels that many of my friends are going through relationship challenges. Some are just going through a rough patch. Too many external stress factors. Others are seeing the end of their relationship. And in some cases? Not a mutual decision. And in other cases? A complete surprise.

Regardless of the situation, or who's right and who's wrong, it is still the end of something. And one would hope, that it was the end of something that was at least good for a little while. There's sadness. There's anger. There's relief. There's frustration. There's hurt.

Sometimes the end is for the best. I'm not disagreeing. But recently, I've been finding myself mourning the end of so many of these relationships. And consoling my friends. And trying to stay positive for my friends. And trying to bring out the romantic in me.

I'm not sure what's been getting me thinking about this and motivated to write about it. But like I said, it feels like something's in the air. For too many of my good friends. And I hope it passes quickly.

Because the romantic in me? Still thinks if it's meant to be, some of these couples will be back together in just a matter of time. Or that true love is around the corner. And most importantly, that there's someone out there for all of us.

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