Saturday, May 30, 2009

Travel Woes

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the road. I know, I’ve had lots of little road trips, but no major ordeals. Well, that changed one long week in May. I had to be in Miami for work for four days, and figured while I was on the East Coast, I’d duck up to Washington DC for the long weekend holiday. All in all, it was a long journey.

First. Getting to the airport. As I mentioned earlier, it was a race to even get there on time. There was traffic, I felt rushed…I didn’t want my blissful weekend to end! Spending Sunday at SFO and on a plane? No thank you. So as you can imagine, as soon as I cleared security, I was annoyed that I had to just sit and wait. I wished I didn’t have to rush to get to the airport and wished that I could have gotten lunch ‘on the outside’. Instead, I was stuck sitting and waiting.

Once I got to Miami, some low lights? One of the servers kept calling me “m’lady”. It struck me as so odd. Not horrible, but just awkward. And kind of bugged me.

Oh, and then there was the incident when my housekeeper got mad at me for having the temperature in my room set too low (umm, really? 68 degrees isn’t that cold!) Her suggestion instead? To open up my patio door and to let the ‘fresh air’ in. Normally I’d do that (not only to be green, but fresh air is always best!)—but ummm, not when it’s hot, muggy, and storming outside! What is going on here??

As I was leaving Miami, I was getting excited. My week of being on the road was more than half over, and the second half was more fun than work. Plus, I was heading to a city I love and know!

We got on the plane, and as I tried hard not to be bothered by the rather large man sitting next to me who’s arm kept creeping over to my side, it hit me suddenly. We had been sitting there a long time. And hadn’t taken off. Just at that point, the pilot got on the speaker. Mechanical problems. Translation? Sit on the plane on the runway for two hours, haul ass to another terminal to get on another plane, sit and wait another hour, get on the new plane, sit and wait another hour, finally depart Miami. When it was all said and done? A 4 hour delay.

By the time I was leaving DC, I was ready for it. What more could the travel gods throw at me? I arrived at Dulles airport EARLY Monday morning and I was ready for whatever was going to happen. But nothing. I got there easily and quickly. Flight was on time. Made it through security quickly. Next thing you knew, I was at the gate and just waiting to board. So far so good. I had a craving for some orange juice, so hopped into line at the closest food place, which happened to be a fast food restaurant.

As I was standing in line, I could hear this dialogue:

Customer: “In the breakfast burrito, what type of meat is the sausage made of?”
Fast Food Worker: “Ummm, what do you mean?”
Customer: “I mean is it pork or is it beef?”
Fast Food Worker: “Ummm, it’s sausage meat.”

I’m not kidding you. Can you believe it? Sad but true people. I can’t make this stuff up. Just the laugh I needed that early in the morning.

The good news is that aside from the man in front of me that talked loudly and wouldn’t stop talking to his new friend, the flight took off on time, was smooth and we didn’t any problems. I got home safe and sound and in one piece.

Where’s the next trip you ask? No where! I’m staying put for awhile!

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