Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Favorite: Fried Chicken!

Ok. So this gal gets cravings. Like serious food cravings. I'll get something in my head, and won't be able to stop thinking about it until I get my fill. My recent craving ? Fried Chicken.

It started at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival. The night Thomas Keller and Ad Hoc was at the late night chef's after party. And I saw the fried chicken, but was too full to eat any. Big mistake.

It was already in my head. And only reinforced a few weeks later. During my last supper at Jack Falstaff. We had taken one very quick glimpse at the menu, and I saw that there was fried chicken on it. Yum. Done. Just then, the server swooped in and let us know chef Jonny would be cooking for us. Tasting menu--off the menu. Wonderful. Always great. Menus closed instantaneously. Except. That meant no fried chicken.

By then, it was too late. I had to have it.

Now I'm a lucky girl. And when I asked friends where in SF could I get the best fried chicken, not only did I receive a number of suggestions, I received a number of invites from local restaurants, suggesting that I go to their restaurant for fried chicken! Amazing.

Which offer did I take? None of those. I had one better. My friend, a chef, was offering to make me fried chicken at his house. Yay!

Here's some of the chicken fresh out of the oil...

It was a DELICIOUS meal--complete with greens, mac and cheese and biscuits. One of the best meals I've had in a long time. Thank you Chad and Grace for ALWAYS taking good care of me! Hmm, what should my next craving be?

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