Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meal of the Month: May

One of these months, I'm going to totally take it easy. And I'm going to have a 'slow month'. May was not one of those months.

Many of my May meals I've talked about. My sad, but amazingly delicious, last supper at Jack Falstaff, the yummy comfort food at Emmy's Spaghetti Shack and of course the delicious home cooked fried chicken meal.

I also checked out South, had a great lunch at Heaven's Dog, enjoyed a late night burger at Grubsteak, caught up with good friends over a meal at Ponzu (before seeing Wicked, the BEST show out there right now!), and also checked out Bush-Tei Bistro with a friend for her birthday dinner!

There were all of the great meals I had while in Miami: amazing fish at Area 31, cocktails at Sra Martinez, dinner at fratelli Lyon, and the amazing authentic Portuguese style home cooked meal.

There were all of the great meals I had while in Washington DC: Urbana (thanks for the tastings Chad, Nic and Alex!), Oyamel (where Omar brought me my first taste of cricket!), bubbly brunch at Tabard Inn, dinner al fresco at Proof, nibbles at Circa, and drinks at Marvin, Vinoteca, and The Gibson.

There was the wedding meal at my dear friend's Mark and Serene's wedding that was special because of the location (amazing views of Bodega Bay!), company, and of course, occasion.

But none of these were the winning meals. The meal of the month was a super simple home cooked meal. Fresh roasted beet salad with some greens, brown butter asparagus, and a simple pork chop with caramelized onions. Sometimes the best things are the simplest things.

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