Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oink Oink!

I love pork. My favorite meat, hands down. Well, I recently had the chance to attend the Cochon555 event in San Francisco. A pork lover’s dream come true. Basically, in an effort to raise awareness about heritage pigs, five chefs were invited to attend and cook a 100 pound heritage pig. In addition, there were five vineyards pouring wines to pair with the delicious porkiness. Cochon (little pig). Five pigs, five chefs, five vineyards. Is it all coming together?

Some food highlights from the event?

Chef Nate Appleman from A16 and SPQR made a pork skin sushi roll! And umm, porchetta. Chef Ravi Kapur of Boulevard served a trotter cake, a slider, and oh, the best thing ever: a porky bacon rice crispy treat. Chef Ryan Farr had a chicharrone taco and a yummy corn dog! I missed out on the lard cookies (bummer! Think this means I’ve got to get myself out to Humphrey Slocomb soon for the Boccalone lard shortbread cookies!) Chef Stefan Terje from Perbacco made an awesome blood brioche sandwich. So good. There was also pork shoulder with polenta. Winner of the competition was Chef Peter McNee from Poggio. What could beat trotter tots? Oh, maybe his apricot crumble with lard and bacon.

Another highlight from the event?

The piggy decorations and the full pig that was butchered in a demonstration!

All in all, a really fun evening. An evening of swine and wine and lots of good friends.

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